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When we first settled here, the gregarious community urge began to take root and it was then that everyone got together in small groups to have their own little Kathhas, Karva Chauths, and community do’s. From here emanated a need for hosting them at larger levels and thereby hangs this tale.
Diwali functions began to be held in small halls, then larger ones, then with bigger panache and pomp and now we have full blooded events complete with feasting, frolicking and fun!!
We want to keep the community united with common goals of interest, and creative ideas. We want to offer a span of together-events that are easily available to one and all, for the purpose of enhancing our minds, and our sociabilities.
Mathur Association

We present one of the finest community websites overseas, that offers a palette of variegated items – our origin, our history, our culture, our fine arts, our cuisine, and our heritage.Children away from their original land of culture, are acquainted at one shot with everything they need to know about their heritage, and background.
We don’t just have get-togethers; we have community events, where our children learn to use a public forum, for speaking, acting, expressing, and communicating – as well as for learning.
Our children learn to interact at a social level, with peers, other parents, older and younger fellowmen, seniors, and learn group dynamics. Our children attend meetings, where once they are able to comprehend life, they learn interactive, and interpersonal skills, learn congeniality, mix with people, come up with their own creative ideas, and learn to accept others’ too.
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There was an old cultural teaching in our community: “Learning adab; or social etiquette. How to sit with, and how to behave amongst elders, and others, in company” – a large part of this is covered in our association meetings, and also in our events. Needless to say with the progress of times, the old Mathur ‘baitthhak’ is no longer around, but we can still instill such values of ‘adab’ and etiquette in our children – learning to serve drinks, snacks, and such to guests, and how to mingle with them without being noisy or indisciplined.
On the surface, it seems like any old party where a ton of people huddle together to converse and controverse about everyday features, of life and the world around us. In actual fact, the legacy for posterity is vast, and the vision is much wider – especially for our growing children who are the foundation for the future with their newly learnt expertise of life.
The way we imbibed our culture was by everyday assimilation, purely by observing and having all the necessary wherewithal around us. In order to instill the same in our children and to let the very same values transcend in them as they grow, we have to make a special and definite effort. Once this effort comes to fruition, we can hope to secure in them a foundational future of noble cultural interactions, and build a better world all around. I wish to emphasize here that culture is not about knowing Sanskrit shloks by heart, or the entire story of Ramayan and Mahabharat or the translations of Geeta updesh, or just attending Kathhas. Culture is a whole set of behaviour patterns in society, the gracefulness of giving due respect to people around and the propriety of interpersonal conversation and interactions.

All our Association does over the year, and indeed has been doing for the last 3 decades is not easily describable in a few sentences or paragraphs. It is a huge step towards rounding off rough edges in all of us, so we can mingle with society despite our distinctly different cultural origins and yet, be able to blend it deep and well into the value system we imbibe here.
We encourage you to join in our events, continue to explore our website, give us more ideas and suggestions, as well as let us hear about your achievements and accolades – we need to have them posted on the website so we can ‘show you off’ to the rest of us, and feel proud and happy to be sharing your joys.
Come, let’s hear all about you. If you are arty or specially smarty, a tosser of salads, singer of ballads, blender of curries, have woes or worries, feel full of ideas, thoughts and creativity, join the Mathurcity of variegated authenticity, tell us all, we’d love to splash you about and give them all a shout to tell you how wonderful, how delightful you are!!!