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Last year we had organized a talk by Dinesh Lal on “Einstein for Everyone”, which people found very educative & quite useful. This year, on Sunday the 27th of September, 2015, we had another talk by Dinesh about Gravity and its Effects on the Universe.

Dinesh Lal is a seasonal visitor from India to NJ every year and by dint of his merit as an MIT graduate with Physics as his passion, he loves to spread the knowledge connected with the subject. This way he gets his chance in the furtherance of our knowledge as well. This talk turned out to be of great interest to some younger folks who had a host of pertinent questions about the subject given below:


Gravity is the weakest of the 4 fundamental forces of Nature, and yet its effect on the creation of the Universe is immense.

This talk covered in a simple, easy-to-understand, non-mathematical manner, the rules under which the force of gravity operates, and how we sometimes take advantage of these rules. The talk then went on to cover exactly what happened during the Big Bang creation of the Universe 13.7 billion years ago, and how Gravity took over shortly after the Big Bang to create all the stars and planets. Then he explained how the stars, with the help of Gravity, created the elements that we know – iron, carbon, oxygen, copper, lead, gold, silver, uranium, etc., and then how, at the end of their lives, it can sometimes convert the stars into the massive Black Holes that are thought to be at the center of most galaxies.

This session was held at the Crown of India, Plainsboro, NJ, where 55 of us gathered for a banquet style lunch first. Our LnL sessions have gathered some momentum as some of the attendees came in from as far as Connecticut and Delaware. After that, we moved on into the Conference Room where the entire power point presentation was set up to aid the talk – this serves the speaker well for explanations. The entire informative and still succinct talk was very well received, and finally, Dinesh’s four grandchildren presented him with a small floral bouquet to thank him on our behalves.

We certainly hope to continue this Lunch n Learn tradition, as part of our Mathur Association, NJ

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