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The main objective of this website is to focus on the members of the Mathur community in the western Hemisphere, their activities, current events, their achivements and the society ecstasies and agonies.

We are fortunate to have a professional group of the Ist generation of immigrants who form the first wave of Mathurs from India to USA. The recording of any historical times is always foggy and can be inaccurate; we think the first Mathur came to USA on the west coast in about 1930s. The actual migration in terms of numbers really started in 1960’s and 1970’s. Mathurs have been known in India for their proficiencies in the world of arts, music, painting, writing and literary prowess. They have often being called “People of the pen, not of the sword”.

This website is intended to serve the people at large without any man made boundaries of social parameters. It is meant to be of use for and by our fellow travelers on this beautiful planet earth hurtling towards an unknown goal in this big and incomprehensible cosmos at a frightening speed.

We desire to serve humanity at large.