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We all know that India is a land resplendent in the fine arts (Lalit Kala) and cultural activity – more so because of the diversity created by its regions, and hence, can proudly proclaim a wide spectrum of aesthetic representations.
As Mathurs, who originated as a small community of Northern India, we are all aware that we created our own brands of the fine arts or Lalit Kala on a uniquely different level, and ensured that at the very least, our female offspring had all those artistic abilities that would enable them to display or present them at any occasion when required. During earlier times a young woman, especially a bride-to-be had to be proficient in all the various forms of these arts. In contemporary times, young men are also turning their skills towards graphic art, illustration and creative crafts.
While Lalit Kala is in truth, just a name for the fine arts comprising drawing/painting, music (vocal and instrumental), and dance, the Mathurs had conquered a large arena of a variety of skills under the same heading.

Some of the very eminent and internationally renowned Mathurs who are/were exponents of the various arts are listed here, whom you may recognize or find a connection with:

  • Instrumental Music/Sarod the late Smt Sharan Rani Mathur Backliwal
  • Vocal Music/Films the late Sri Mukesh Chand Mathur
  • Vocal Music/Private the late Sri Moti Sagar Mathur
  • Vocal Music/Classical
  • And author the late Smt Sheila (Bahadur) Dhar
  • Vocal Music/ Pop Sri Raghav Sahay Mathur, Canada/UK
  • Dance/Manipuri Smt Charu (Mathur) Sija Singh
  • Drama/Movies the late Sri Moti Lal Mathur
  • Drama/Movies/TV Smt Sushma (Mathur) Seth
  • Drama/Movies/TV/Author Smt Madhur (Bahadur) Jaffrey
  • Literary Writing Sri Anurag Mathur
  • Television Smt Nisha Mathur, NJ
  • Movies/TV Ms Pooja Kumar, NY
  • Movies/TV Sri Vikram Sahay, Canada
  • Television/stand up Comic Ms Rasika Mathur, Texas

In the coming months, we shall be showcasing some of our community artists, writers, creative crafters, from the USA, who are carrying on these traditions in their own fields of expertise today.