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Indian Culture- Modern Values

Our first of the Dine and Learn series began on March 24, 2007, with a talk by the young, and rather learned Pankaj Jain. Born in Rajasthan in 1970, having qualified as a software engineer he moved to the US, but once here, he was drawn to India’s traditions and gaining knowledge about them, so he went back to school at Columbia University, New York to learn Sanskrit. His present interests are centred around it. He now teaches Sanskrit, Hinduism and Swadhyaya at various levels and is frequently invited to give lectures on Hinduism and Hindu traditions, all over the USA.
He is married, to Sonia, an artist and textile designer, and with his musical son Atharv, lives in New Jersey.
It was a very nice, and easy learning experience to have him speak to a select audience in the sheer comfort of Rash Mathur’s home in New Jersey – Pankaj, in his delivery of ‘Indian Culture – Modern Values’, covered a large gamut of the Indian civilization, structure of castes, religions and a brief history of India. It was a very informative talk, with lots of questions from the audience, answered ably by him. A simple dinner followed which gave a chance to all the folk present to have easy and warm interactions with the speaker.

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