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Dine & Learn 2011

our spring dine n learn

Saturday the 17th of April turned out a fine fair day with all of us literally thawing out into free spirited flights of optimism.
Our Dine n Learn was a Lunch n Learn and the crowds thronged into the welcoming home of Arvind and Geeta Mathur at 12:30 onwards. Fair ladies and fancy dandies dressed to the nines, spilled over the deck, the lounge, the kitchen and drawing rooms….and the aroma of the meal to come made its way into waiting tummies through indrawn breaths of anticipation!
A lavish spread awaited – and upon avid participation in the meet, greets, and eats, everyone was now ready to listen to an interesting and keenly exciting talk on Dressing and Grooming and Cosmetics for Both Genders. The Arvind Mathur home amply seated all 50 guests in their basement, where there was plenty of room for such a gig. This event was designed as a talk on fashion, with interactive and models’ support.

Rahul Srivastava, an articulate young man, is our moderator for these DnL events and he introduced it, in his own inimitable fashion, welcoming everyone, and giving newcomers a basic idea and background behind the DnL’s and how often they are arranged.
Shruti Sheri, popularly called Sonu is a gifted and talented young lady, in her own right a great dresser, make up artist, and hairstyle specialist. She has made a lot of personal headway in the field and managed to find her spot as a young lady of great fashion sense merely by little tricks she has picked up from learning from many sources including her own salon specialists she had employed when she ran Reeya’s Salon in Plainsboro/Princeton NJ for a couple of years. But by far, she is a truly self taught and self knowledge-acquired Wardrobe and Cosmetic Artist who can work magic with a few flips of the scarf, the make up brush, and a spot of gel to achieve the look many models may need professionals to do for them!!
She took the forum and very deftly and articulately ran through various Wardrobe styles, functions, faux pas’ and more. Her vibrant and vivacious personality made the listening very conducive to everyone participating in a keen listen, and her effectively trendy appearance presence added a lot of spark to her explanations. Her talk took up various challenges in the dress codes – what to wear for slimmies or skinnies, chubbies, wide and larges, young, older, and olds, both for men and women. The idea was for her to define how to visually shrink waistlines, appear taller, or slimmer as desired, appear more expensively dressed with quick flips of belts braces, and other accoutrement graces, and how to extend wardrobes further with designed flair, as well as dress for all occasions appropriately.

She also included fashion tips on shopping inexpensively, buying proper gear, putting it together correctly and how to tackle current trends and keep them going on looking longer wearing!
Subhash Mathur, a dignified young man came up to show the men how to turn an outfit around to suit a few needs with some changes in colour combos and styles.
Shaloo was the very trendy young woman with a pale pink pin striped, soft collared cotton side slitted shirt atop a pair of very stylish olive harem pants, and a co ordinated sling handbag; first parading them as great fashionable Indian gear and then it was left to the audience imagination to flip the pants to regular jeans or hugging pants for a clearly trendy Western outfit with the same shirt for the top.


Next on the charts was a makeover for a young lady – an on site demo in which Anuksha, (daughter of Amit and Sharmila) a recent newcomer to NJ from TX offered to be the model and Shruti demonstrated how to do the entire make up from foundation to finishing touches. She was emphatic about the way cosmetics should be handled in order to achieve a totally glamorous but non made up look – which is the essential feature of good and ably applied make up. So starting from the brush-on foundation, to the eyes, cheeks, mouth and finishes, it was a revelation to many – and some youngsters too, as to the why’s, the do’s and don’ts of many a piece of facial artwork!!


Shruti went on to explain the hair do’s and don’ts – hair masks to shampoos, the after wash, and regular care of hair in order to maintain and retain the best luscious tresses to show. She also gave a lot of hints on hair care, and tips on everyday styling as well as for other occasions.
As always a Q n A session follows every talk. Here too she took up audience queries and questions and during that time, Preeti, the Facial-demo person invited Vijaya an older member of the community for a full on-site Facial. In fact Vijaya was the only one who volunteered to go under the ‘skin scare chair’ and afterwards, was delighted to see the results!

Most women are aware that Facials really improve the skin quality as they defoliate the skin, take off everyday grime and grease, perk up the blood vessels, improve the epidermis laxity and get it off to a great start towards acquiring a new and softer look and feel.
This was a relatively simple Facial in 3 steps,—-the initial cold cream upward rotatory grime remover massage, the upward stroked face mask application (we used a clay mask) and finally the hot and cold compress wash off with astringent to finish the full facial. This was done in full audience view with necessary clarifications, and while the mask was in the drying process, there was one more offer — a hair massage for men!!
Pandu (Rash Mathur) was our Champi champion and Preeti rendered a brisk hair massage with a mixed oil (Coconut, Amla and Lemon) on his lush head of hair. The idea of the massage of course is to get the blood going all over the follicles, improve circulation, and help the hair roots to seep into the oil for a drink/nourishment/diet and orally provided enrichment. Clearly, Pandu felt the whole system working as he ecstatically enjoyed the rubs and runs of deft fingers through his hair and the vigorous massage on his scalp!
A lovely spread with exotic desserts for tea was provided by Arvind and Geeta and their fine hosting added a lot of personal care and charm to the day’s events. No Dine n Learn is complete without this kind of community care, and we are all grateful to them for having accommodated a large amount of guests in their home and given them so much personal attention. Our heartfelt thanks to them!!

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