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The continuing series of the Dine and Learn sessions in New Jersey are catching on quite well and leave the attending audience rather delighted with more such anticipated prospects.

The July 14th Dine and Learn was hosted by Ruchi and Rahul Srivastava at their beautifully decorated home in Randolph, starting with the usual meet and greet snack hour, when all 45 of us get a chance to exchange news and thoughts prior to the talk.

The speaker was Gaurav Mathur, MD, currently working with a Hospices Group in New Jersey, and his subject was ‘Living Healthy; Dying Well’ – what the doctors may not tell you. The ideas he presented were –

1) To make for a better, healthier living with improved diet plans, with consistent but easy daily exercises (here, he embellished the virtues of everyday things such as singing, gardening, simple Yoga or just running up and down the staircase!!) and without drastic changes in one’s schedule or routine.

2) To arrest impending ailments by any known methods, either by conventional medicine or alternate cures, (such as Homoeopathy, Ayurved, Acupuncture, home cures, to name a few) and moving on to how to understand diagnoses/prognoses, and how to combat them with the best possible methods – as well as preparing DNR’s (Do Not Resuscitate) and Living Wills – systems not widely known, and even less practiced, that ensure an easier close of a family member’s life (especially if he/she is older), as well as making the life of the attending near and dear ones also guiltless, and less tense.

3) To be able to ease out of life by transferring to a situation whereby the pain and suffering is mitigated, or taken care of by those who are professionally qualified.

The subject was profound, in all aspects (and would impact all of us at some time) as well as rather spread out in essence – but Gaurav was able to project his thoughts through a power point presentation, with complete, ease, and a succinct summarization of each topic, with voluble articulateness, interspersed with his brand of humour and with able and justified responses to related questions. He was able to answer probing questions with sufficient responsive matter, and later, individuals were able to have personal tete a tetes with him.

A simple customary dinner followed – it is prepared by voluntary individuals, and although this is a defined part of the event, has been trimmed down to superimpose quantity over all else. The session was a huge success, and everyone departed, with buoyant spirits, feeling a lot more informed about life and health.

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