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DINE AND LEARN – April 5, 2008

Hosted by Shashi Kant and Rajni Sheri, at their warm and welcoming lovely new home, we had another Dine and Learn session on the 5th of April, 2008; coordinated and facilitated by Rahul Srivastava.

“The Science and manufacturing of Perfumes” was the aromatic topic of the evening, delivered aptly and interestingly by Rash Mathur, who has been working with a pharmaceutical perfumery since many years. So, we all got a whiff of how perfumes come about from the rough, often acrid, sometimes crudely intense raw materials – the abdominal juices from a civet, the extract of Buchu leaves, or dried beaver guts to name a few!! True, we do imagine that roses, and marigolds and Raat ki Raani were perfumes used to scent the baths of the princesses and empresses of yore, since the times of Cleopatra or before….but that was only the tip of the floating petal icebergs in the huge oceanic story that trickles down from floral hearts to enticing bottles.

Rash also explained in detail where the raw material is obtained, how it is processed or distilled, and finally makes it to the large and renowned perfume houses to be dressed up in their final attire of the lauded packings we see on display in the stores and perfume houses all over the world. It was a feeling you’d get if you were entering the dressing rooms of a fashion show, where you actually see how the bare, and unmade up models get all frilled and fancied up to walk the ramp to the ooh’s and aah’s of the audience!!

As always the questions and answers come in towards the end of the talk; the interesting feature of this topic was that it was pertinent to all ages, and both genders, and seemed to find a way into every heart!! Then Preeti Mathur closed it with a quick round up of ‘How to choose and use perfumes’ and the differentiation of women’s perfumes, eau de toilettes, and eau de colognes, as well as aftershaves/lotions/colognes for men.

Dinner was hosted by the Sheris’ own restaurant, Sona Cuisine, a recent acquisition by them in Maplewood, NJ which is now an established eating joint for the gourmet Western and Indian palates. The food was ample and delicious and gave an added touch to the ambience of the evening.

The Dine and Learn attended by nearly 45 guests is gaining ground with the service the idea provides, and we are making small strides towards enhancing our own learning graphs multi directionally – so all in all another successful get together and our many thanks to all who participated and to Rash, Rahul Srivastava and the Sheris for their individual contributions.

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