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A successful Picnic a’la Tandoor


Here are some Rave Reviews

A delightful and Novel idea for a picnic – Bob Mathur

Best delicious food cooked onsite – Rash Mathur

The best picnic ever organized – Arvind & Geeta Mathur

Exciting and unusual picnic – Preeti Mathur

The picnic has spoilt all ladies – Parul & Rahul Raizada

Best attended picnic in a long time – Mukesh & Anita Mathur

A True Picnic Experience – Durga Misha (NJIT)

5 games of Volleyball with players of all ages! – Ashish & Shaloo Mathur

Kulfi was the best – Rama Jain

Piping hot tea was a great closure- Rajani Mathur

What a nice spread of hot food – Kamini Mathur

Lush, exotic, fun-filled ‘Thirst Quencher’- Manju Mathur

A new and fine picnic experience – Anil Mathur

This was no ordinary picnic. It was a ‘Tandoori Picnic’ – Dinesh & Pushpa Mathur

And the best Comment of all – Let us do this, every 2 months!!!

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